By Manny Joanos
My name is Manny Joanos, and I am asking for your vote on Tuesday, August 23rd. I am the only candidate, in a crowded field of seven candidates, prepared to hit the ground running. My experience and dedication to District 2 will produce positive results, and I will work tirelessly to bring county resources into our district. We need better job opportunities, better roads, sewer, trash services and a planned approach to address the rising crime statistics.
With the passage of the Blueprint Sales Tax; over a billion dollars of funding is at stake. Again, experience matters. Woodville, Fort Braden and all else that encompasses our District are not getting equal attention. Blueprint funding should be directed into our District now, and I know I can help influence those decisions. I have been your neighbor and your advocate for over 20 years. Laura and I raised our family in District 2, and we are putting my name forward to make a difference for all of us.

My experience as a past County Commissioner, my 28 years as a local business owner as well as my work at Lively Technical College and Godby High School working with “at risk” youth to find gainful employment are examples of my commitment to this community. This race should not be about how long a family has been here, but rather, how we can help the hard-working people of District 2. We must come together and demand more for our community!
To move ahead we must remember our past. All of us owe a debt of gratitude to the Jackson family. Commissioner Jackson was a good man and I respect his efforts to improve our community. It is why my first order of business will be to propose changing the name of Fort Braden Park to the Jimbo Jackson Park. We should never forget his commitment to our community. In a similar fashion, I will address the crime in our community and will do so by supporting Sheriff Walt McNeil and his “All-In Initiative”. This initiative means joining with the City of Tallahassee, schools, universities, and social service agencies to reduce crime. It’s an “all hands-on deck approach” and if elected, I will give Sheriff McNeil my full support.

We have been told, for too long,
to “be patient”, or “your time is coming”.

We have been told, for too long, to “be patient”, or “your time is coming”. Yet, our children walk to school on flooded streets and emergency services are slow to reach us. Our septic systems are failing, and, in many areas, we do not even have waste services picking up our trash. It is not right, and I intend to change it. I know better is possible. If you want to see change, if you want to see improvements, if you want someone who is genuine— stand with me and vote Manny Joanos on August 23. This time is our time! Together we can make a difference, and together we can bring needed County resources into our District.

Vote for a proven leader Manny Joanos on August 23rd